Christian Perez Chavez


Christian is native of Bogota, Colombia, and Miami, Florida. Upon graduating from The Florida State University, he pursued a career in real estate development. After completing an apprenticeship with a prolific South-Florida developer, Robert Shapiro, Christian ventured into his own development practice.

Since then, Christian has collaborated in multiple commercial-grade developments and development-related transactions in various roles, including: brokerage, consulting, sponsorship, and limited partnership. In addition to ongoing ventures, Christian is actively working to consolidate capacity to act as a sponsor of new projects.

Christian is involved in various non-profit efforts related to real estate and development, through board or committee participation as well as pro bono consulting. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys evolving, engaging his creative side, dancing when no one is watching, and exercising.

Cyntia Diaz


Cyntia is a native of Montevideo, Uruguay. She enjoys learning languages including Portuguese and Hebrew. Her varied interest has led her to pursue formal studies in graphic design, makeup art, and pharmacy operations. However, her passion for research and talent for relentless investigation is what has shaped her professional endeavors as an executive assistant, and research specialist. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys being the mother of two boys, and engaging her love of aesthetics and design, at times through baking and dressing desserts.

Daniela Herrera


Daniela is a native of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. She is a Medical Doctor intermittently pursuing a Surgical specialty. Besides medicine, Daniela has experience in real estate sales, social-media marketing, and EFTs. Professionally, she takes particular enjoyment of 1) opportunities for client engagement, a byproduct of her empathy, as well as 2) team environments postured for growth, as an effect of her curiosity and ambition. Outside of her professional life she is a dedicated athlete, active practitioner of weightlifting, Pilates, and Karate. Interestingly she is also a trained classical soprano.

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